Oyo 2023 Guber Election: The Mathematical Analysis

The governorship election in Oyo state this year 2023 is one which, to the keen observer is a important, if not more important than the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections. The average Joe in Oyo state is more particular about who occupies “Agodi” for the next four years.

While there are several parties and candidates jostling for the office- either as true contenders or mere pretenders, political climate in the state clearly and unequivocally indicates a two horse race between the incumbent, Eng. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde popularly called GSM(and might be referred to in the course of this article) of the Peoples Democratic Party and Oloye (Senator) Teslim Kolawole Folarin of the All Progressive Congress.

Going down memory lane, the Governor who emerged after an eleventh hour coalition against the APC and its candidate, Chief Bayo Adelabu (who is now contesting under the aegis of Accord Party) are now in the minority after losing out completely to APC and PDP in the last Presidential and assembly elections. Now that is history.

Despite the fact that the APC won convincingly in the last elections with three senators and at least eight members of the house of representatives from a possible fourteen, they are the ones clamouring, trying desperately to form a coalition in order to wrestle power from GSM. This has nothing but clearly show how worthy, credible and popular the APC candidate is.

As for the incumbent, it is a well documented fact that a lot of people within our generation and youthful circle are not a fan of his administration because while they expected so much after his emergence in 2019, to both consolidate on the achievements of previous administrations and also, amend their deficiencies, his scorecard shows that he really performed below expectations.

It is therefore deeply pathetic that the other candidates have failed to clearly elucidate to the voting public, especially the masses how they intend to differently address the core issues affecting our very dear state. It is just so disheartening that the measurement of performances by any government in Oyo state is under the purviews of few political gladiators who have the masses in their pockets. This coming election will reveal whether these gladiators are still heavyweight punchers or merely paper tigers with their rumoured coalition.

So, will this election be a chance to re-elect a leader, with new and young breed politicians which includes some friends and acquaintances establishing their own authority within there respective constituencies, or do we do business as usual ? Time will tell. Take it or leave it, the re-election of GSM will automatically make Ladoja (who has been retired from active politics but still a major underground influence) be joined by the likes of Elder Wole Ovelese, Azeem Gbolarumi , Oloye Olopoeyan, Alhaja Mulika, Eng. Femi Babalola, Hon. Festus Adegoke all of whom have since held talks Oloye Teslim Folarin in the last few days for a possible coalition to unseat the Governor.

Interestingly, the biggest voices campaigning against GSM’s second coming to finally balance this simultaneous equation are none other than the aggrieved party members and the coalition faithfuls who expected and large bracket of addition and multiplications ended up getting division and subtractions. In this aspect, statistics, based on the mean, median, mode and range available shows that the governor actually goofed on rates, ratios and proportions on interests out to him.

My take on it all is that the fate of this state should stop being decided by indices and set theories propounded by politicians (Minority) but by the common man (Majority). While going to the polls on the 18th of March, 2023. It is very important that we are guided by our conscience and not the influences of the political gladiators who will stop at nothing to ensure there is a division tailored to winning a majority to their sides at the detriment of you and I.

Let the people decide because, vox populi vox dei.

10 thoughts on “Oyo 2023 Guber Election: The Mathematical Analysis”

  1. Well written. Of course, smart youth will understand this government is too ordinary unfortunately the possible alternative testable is not having it look good to emerge considering the reality on the ground and that is Adelabu. I believe GSM may have his way to returning to Agodi but it should be noted that will not be on the ground of his performance because people no more consider Oyo state pacesetting status but complacency. I hope the majority of voters understand Oyo state should be on a close chasing pace in governance with Lagos state as against the struggling reality. May Oyo state succeed.

  2. Mr Idris may I put it to you that GSM will come out victorious at the polls , based on views of the common man, all these aggrieved politician are just against him for not allowing them to devour the masses of the resources available for all and sundry.

  3. The masses are speaking and come 18th March,2023. The voice of d masses will be heard loud and resoundingly clear through their votes for GSM

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