I'm Architect
Idris Ajibola Animasaun

Geometric stair case specialist and Chief Technical Officer at LOCUM CONSULTING LIMITED

About Me

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

My Vision

I envisioned a society with the adherence to set of standard skills and behavioral values that makes them desirable for living and evolving with the right mentorship and awareness of sustainability development.

My Mission

My aim is to continuously draw awareness of the public in form of advocacy on the need to collaborate with the government in ensuring the society is safe and recipient enough for inhabitants of our communities.

I also aimed at providing mentorship and career guide to kids in colleges in ensuring they have the sufficient information on career goals and opportunities.

What Services I'm Providing

Am a versatile, Multi-talented individual with extreme passion for sports, politics and other cool things.


Am a professional Architect with over 18 years of theoretical and practical experience in the Architecture Industry.


Am an a Brand Influencer and ambassador to several businesses like @beige resources, OAP at @freshfmibadan & @bcostv
@budweiser fan


I share my thoughts and decry the happenings within my environment through blogging and social media platforms.

Be Dedicated to your Dreams

The only way to succeed in life is not just to dream,but to execute and follow-up on your dreams. Your dedication, focus and perseverance will continue to push you forward and take you to the very next level.

My Architecture Portfolio

Here are some of our building projects and designs…

What My Clients Says

I’ve been working with awesome clients for over 10 years…

Idris and the team at Locum Consulting did an amazing job for my Building project and am very satisfied to have met them.

Mr. Arewa Olanrewaju

Idris is an awesome friend and incredible designer. My projects were done in an awesome way and am so happy right now!

Hon. Akinsete Shete

I’ve never been more marveled by the results we got from working with Locum Consulting on our Estate Building Projects.

Mr. Samuel Stevens


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Re: Makinde Bans Street Trading

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Globally, public transportation is key to social, economic, and general human development. Public transportation is a means to create employment opportunities for citizens, a source of revenue and taxation and an avenue for well meaning members of the public to create a business enterprise with which they can earn an income, become an employer of … THE OYO STATE PARK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: THE HULLABALOO Read More »