Enhancing the Future of Shooting Stars: Idris Animasaun shares Key Insights from his Loripapa Appearance

Yesterday marked my first appearance in years on the Monday edition of Loripapa. The videos below recap our season and highlight some major talking points.

His Excellency Seyi Makinde, a passionate football enthusiast, understands the necessary actions to improve the sport. However, there is a growing need for more intentional efforts to achieve these goals.

Shooting Stars fans are unmatched in the league, celebrated for their resilience, dedication, passion, and unwavering support for the club.

There is significant revenue loss occurring at the stadium, an issue that remains undiscussed in the media to avoid angering those benefiting from it. Transparency in financial matters is crucial for the club’s sustainability.

The role of the media in promoting the club and its brand cannot be overstated. However, some presenters have abused free entry privileges by bringing unauthorized individuals into the stadium media gallery. This practice must be curtailed to maintain integrity.

The government must prioritize data collection and analysis, as accurate numbers and analytics are essential for securing corporate sponsorships and partnerships with local and multinational brands.

Attention to the health, safety, and security of stadium attendees is paramount. Adopting global best practices, such as payment gateways, e-ticketing, and seamless organizational arrangements, as seen with clubs like Sporting and Rangers, is long overdue. These improvements will enhance the fan experience and operational efficiency.

As an ambitious club, we must aim higher, beginning with promptly extending contracts to retain our top players. Timely regrouping, making necessary replacements, and maintaining accurate financial records are crucial steps for progress.

Overall, we have had a successful season. The stars will continue to rise.

Up Sootin!

Idris Animasaun
Architect and Social Change Advocate

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