Dear Young Folks (Series 3)

The importance of caution among the youth of our state when engaging in political discourse online cannot be overstated. These discussions often escalate quickly, leading to misunderstandings, hostility, and even harassment. It is imperative to uphold respectful dialogue, verify sources before disseminating information, and consider the potential impact of one’s words on others.

Reflecting on the recent local government elections in our state, it is disheartening to witness a generation that should be actively involved both online and offline reducing themselves to supporting causes without critical examination. This failure to provide balanced perspectives is concerning and warrants attention.

Addressing the grievances expressed by candidates following the recent state election, there is a notable lack of acknowledgment and reporting on the dissatisfaction among all parties involved. The youth, who should be leading efforts to bring sanity to the discourse, have been surprisingly silent and passive in this regard, which is disappointing.

It is troubling to see youths defending flawed structures, systems, or processes marred by irregularities, as it not only seeks favor but also tacitly endorses unethical practices. Additionally, the potential reach of our comments and blog posts should be a cause for concern, as they may perpetuate vices that plague our political landscape and undermine the integrity of our electoral processes.

In light of these observations, I advocate for the implementation of standardized measures by state authorities to ensure the integrity of future electoral processes. We must move beyond conventional approaches and prioritize inclusivity and transparency in our electoral system.

Idris Animasaun

Architect and Social Change Advocate

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