NO TWO KIDS ARE THE SAME: Birthday wishes to Moyo

One of the most challenging experience of my life is something I hope make its own chapter titled “Raising Mo” in my yet to be published biography. For someone who’s raising a baby boy before the arrival of another, I had thought the process would be seamless and repetitive until few months on.

At around his 24th month, Moyo wasnt doing as much as Al-Ameen was even doing at 10months. I became worried, he barely talks or play with anyone. Signs I had seen from as early as the first one year. I became closer, I was his company and we are always having a conversation even if he won’t respond back.

From the first time he said “tata” papa, and becoming someone who makes the most complete sentence when asked a question. Do you like this ? Yes I like it. Al-Ameen would have replied with just yes. My baby showed signs he learnt a lot from those quiet moments between us too.

I discovered in time that no two kids are the same and I’ll have to grow all along with these ones with their own unique qualities and individual traits. Moyo wants to compete, and he’s always eager to know what his elder brother scores when the result comes in at the end of the term. For someone who leads his class, he should focus elsewhere and not his brother is a line I’m learning to teach.

I looked at Jameel today and my heart is filled with joy, I thought I should share this experience not only to celebrate a never giving up attitude of both of us but to tell someone reading this. No two kids are the same, any kid that showed deficiencies deserves attention, persistent help, love and guidance.

If no one believed in Moyo, then it’s myself and his mum. I love you Jayjay as he loves to be called.

Happy Birthday my super star and Daddy’s precious, Jameel Leonard Moyosola Animasaun.

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