“Rising to the Challenge: Addressing Irresponsible Waste Disposal in New Gbagi Market”

It’s clear that many of us either don’t grasp or choose to overlook the consequences of our actions on environmental pollution, health risks, and strain on state resources.

In the past year, I’ve received numerous complaints and images of the pedestrian bridge at the new Gbagi Market along the new Ibadan/Ife Expressway. This represents the extent of our disregard for cleanliness, and unless we all commit to being the change we wish to see, our society will continue to be judged by the images we present to the world. It’s baffling to imagine someone climbing to the top of a pedestrian bridge to discard their waste, and it’s challenging to find adequate words to express my current level of disgust.

Irresponsible disposal practices like littering, improper recycling, and illegal dumping pose serious threats to our ecosystems, water sources, and wildlife. These issues are becoming increasingly prevalent citywide, and it’s concerning to consider what sustainable measures are being implemented to address this recurring problem, particularly at this specific location.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge the significant resources expended by the state government on waste collection and disposal, largely due to the excessive littering in our city. This has implications for taxpayers and budget allocations.

Urgently, I call upon the market leaders of the New Gbagi Market and the revenue collector Mogaji Adanla to collaborate with the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources to find lasting solutions to this issue.

May the administration’s renewed efforts to make a difference continue to lead to sustainable progress.

Idris Animasaun

Architect and Social Change Advocate.

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