“Balancing Progress and Preservation: Oyo State’s Battle Against Illegal Structures and the Path to Sustainable Urban Development” by Idris Animasaun

Following the indiscriminate springing up of shanties, illegal structures and kiosks around the perimeter of Ojoo Bus Terminal, The Oyo State Government had earlier issued a seven-day relocation notice to all squatters, stall and kiosks owners to vacate the area.

The development led to protest being made to the Chairman of Agidigbo FM Oriyomi Hamzat by the victim asking him to help appeal to the State Government through the Honorable Commissioner for Environment for staying of execution of the enforcements.

On Saturday, I joined Hon. Mojeed Mogbonjubola Jagaban and Alhaji Oriyomi Hamzat to carry out inspections of the affected areas. As an advocate of sustainable waste management, it is important to review illegal shanties and stalls already on drainage channels.

The city is currently experiencing a rapid urbanization of its peri-urban centers like Ojoo becoming a gateway into the city, a focal point and as such have her own impact on businesses but most importantly on the city’s image, perception and impression of the state.

Addressing the presence of shanties and illegal structures in urban neighborhoods is crucial for the well-being and progress of the community. It goes beyond immediate safety concerns, extending to the broader goals of organized development, improved infrastructure, and enhanced overall quality of life.

Removing these structures opens up opportunities for positive transformation, fostering a resilient and aesthetically pleasing urban environment that benefits everyone. And there is now a growing need to ensure we do not only collaborate but compliment that he effort of the government.

The commissioner communicated the ministry’s plan with the market men and women that the effort of the state government is for their own safety as the intensity of rainfall associated with climate action means there will be flooding if pathways for water is being blocked by some of their activities.

He emphasized that provisions were already made to cordon off some parts for them to go about their daily activities, stressing the need to accomodate one another with respect to these existing provision which includes the neighborhood market.

Alhaji Oriyomi Hamzat empathize with those that may/will be affected by this decision and told them to be law abiding as the Seyi Makinde administration is a compassionate administration that will continue to put the interest of the state first.

6 thoughts on ““Balancing Progress and Preservation: Oyo State’s Battle Against Illegal Structures and the Path to Sustainable Urban Development” by Idris Animasaun”

  1. Idrisarchy,you are really making waves in IBD. It won’t come as a surprise to me if one day I sight you in the corridors of power. You are laying a veritable foundation and a solid platform for this to come through.
    Kudos Bro and keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so very much sir. Atleast, His Excellency the Governor is not unaware of our exploits and what we are trying to achieve.

  2. Feyisetan Hamzaah

    I think the Governor had ran a populist government enough, the citizens need to know any measure taken is for our own safeties. Prevention is better than cure, I stand with the Governor on this.

  3. ikupolowo yomi peter

    Arch ur impact is felt positively in oyo state, the future is brighter for u and oyo state as a whole

  4. This is a good development and I hope the government will make provisions for those that are removed from the terminal environment, so that they won’t go and cause another nuisance somewhere else. Kudos bro! Keep up the good work.

  5. Otunba Sheu Nurudeen

    Nice one bro, keep been voice for the voiceless, as the change we want begins with us.
    May wins, more grace.

    May Nigeria succeed.
    Oluyole ọ ni bajẹ.

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