Dear Young Folks (Series 1).

Dear Young Folks,

My life journey started like it’s going be a roller coaster when I passed the entrance examination age nine(9) and in Primary Three(3) to secure admission to one of the best public secondary schools at the time.

Then again, I started trying out certificate examinations meant for SS3 Students from SS1 but didn’t really clear the results in one sitting until my father re-enrolled me for the same examination a year after I finished secondary school(I’ve made enough to qualify me if I want to use two sittings).

Got admitted to one of the best Polytechnics at the time in 2004 but didn’t graduate until 2007 for a program that should last two years because I had carry overs(outstandings).

What happened to the whizboy ?
What went wrong ?
I can justify my failures but it’s not justifiable for the purpose of this post.
Let’s just admit that I failed.
Yes I failed.
Someone reading this post must have failed too, or will possibly fail at something too in the course of their lives.

I lost 3years between 2007 to 2010 when I made a return for HND due to preparedness and graduated as one of the best students with a CGPA of 4.02 when I graduated in 2011. I went to Ahmadu Bello University in 2014 and was studying to earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, only to quit few weeks to the first semester examination, got married the following year.

In 2019/20 I took a decision to go back to school again and graduated in 2022 narrowly missing out from First Class with 4.40 CGPA.

One thing that is consistent is that I have failed at a point in time but never gave up.

That first and foremost, I’ll have to be courageous to wear my failures upon my sleeves.

I have to be willing to try again.

My story revealed that, I am a Man of capacity, I have it in me but I let some things get to me at some point but still won’t give up.

Here you have a brilliant mind like you.
Here’s a smart guy like you.
He is bold and courageous like you.

Franklin Roosevelt battled with Polio, yet he turned things around and he’s regarded in history as America’s most feared President.

50cents was shot 9times and still turned his life around just by pouring out all his mind and energy into the mixtape that got the attention of Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Shooting Stars of Ibadan has gone to relegation and made it back because they didn’t give up (story will be sweet when they win a continental title).

President Buhari could have given up but he was resolute in his convinction and continued to try till he achieved his life long ambition of becoming the President of the most populous black nation on earth.

This week, you gotta to confront your fear by trying again.

Be decisive with your dreams.

Clock is ticking.
Go for it.
You’ll get it.


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