DEMOCRACY DAY 2024: Idris Animasaun pens Open Letter to the Governor Advocating for Balanced Governance and Youth Empowerment in Oyo State.

I believed it had been a positive experience engaging with our friends and associates in government, leveraging those relationships to offer our insights and advice where needed. Your leadership and dedication to the youth constituency are evident in your decision to entrust the future of the state to over 50 young individuals serving as commissioners, SSAs, SAs, EAs, Council Chairmen, or Vice Chairmen.

However, under your administration, the state is almost becoming a one-party state. We have heard faint voices warning some individuals not to publicly associate with us, labeling us as opposition or a threat to their political careers. While it is understandable that some may submit to such autocratic pressures, we will not subject ourselves to enmity and dissociation. Instead, we continue to offer our support and collaboration in the ongoing effort to reposition the state and restore its former glory.

Despite these challenges, this administration is the closest I have ever been to any government. Yet, I have never exploited this relationship for personal gain. I have no proposals seeking approval, no projects requiring endorsements, and I have never lobbied for any position, despite having ample connections to explore such opportunities. This commitment has enabled us to champion causes that have yielded positive results.

We have seen responses to our calls, such as the relocation of the amusement park to Ilu-Tuntun, the upgrade of Agodi Gardens, the remodeling of the Government House, improvements in environmental management, and numerous emergency responses to road and drainage issues. Our actions have always been about asking relevant questions, not making libelous or malicious statements.

I have never engaged in confrontational dialogue on any radio program with His Excellency. However, it is imperative that we do not all simply sing praises. I supported and voted for Seyi Makinde, but it would be a disservice to my conscience to remain silent in the face of oppressive and capitalist policies. All I seek are answers to the many questions posed by concerned citizens.

My name has been mentioned numerous times due to the questions I continue to ask, not because I stand against or denigrate the achievements of your administration. Some of my articles you have read and responded to publicly, but I hope and pray that you continue to be properly briefed on our intentions and statements.

The news and rumors circulating close to your office are becoming a major source of concern. Therefore, I advocate for continuous engagement rather than silencing dissenting voices, which are often misconstrued as opposition.

On this Democracy Day, I pray you continue to receive guidance from God as you uphold the rule of law as outlined in your Omituntun road-map to sustainable development and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Idris Animasaun
Architect and Social Change Advocate

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