The Importance of Positive Fan Conduct for Club Reputation and Success: Idris Animasaun pens Open Letter to 3SC Fans and Journalists

I have been participating in various forums since the game ended, and one of the key topics for our radio discussion later today should be to commend Ibadan fans for their exemplary conduct thus far, encouraging them to continue this positive behavior. We must avoid stadium violence at this critical point in the season, regardless of the referee’s decisions and game results.

However, it’s crucial to address the negative impact of stadium encroachments on the club’s image and publicity. We’ve invested considerable effort into elevating this league’s status, and incidents of violence detract significantly from these efforts. Instead of focusing on a negative and unfortunate conclusion to what could have been one of the season’s highlights in the Rangers versus Enyimba game yesterday, we should celebrate the vibrant atmosphere, the colorful displays, and the largely fair officiating.

Stadium violence not only tarnishes the reputation of the club but also undermines the hard work and dedication of players, staff, and loyal fans. Such incidents can lead to severe penalties, including fines and stadium bans, which can hurt the club financially and disrupt our home game advantage. Moreover, they project a negative image to potential sponsors and partners who are crucial for the club’s growth and success.

We should shift our focus towards positivity and rally support for the upcoming game against the antelopes from Enugu, ensuring the stands are filled as usual. Our fans are the best in the league, providing unwavering support at home and demonstrating resilience away, earning crucial points and positioning ourselves for continental football and possibly winning the title.

As dedicated supporters, we must remember that our behavior directly influences the club’s public perception. Positive fan conduct can enhance the club’s image, attracting more fans, better sponsorship deals, and greater media attention, all of which are vital for long-term success.

We are warriors, and our battle is far from over. Let’s maintain our strong support and positive presence.

Up Sootin!

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