Dear Young Folks Series 6 (“Reflections on a Remarkable Journey: You deserve the cheer guys “)

I often hear from colleagues and friends about how highly Babatunde Saheed speaks of me in my absence. These moments make me reflect on the kind of person he is.

A few months ago, we sat together, and he recounted our journey, beginning when I served as his correspondent in 2007, until I became an in-house analyst a decade later. Initially, I worked as an invisible analyst in 2018, with live studio appearances starting the following year.

This journey has been remarkable, and sharing the stage with some of the best in the business has been an incredible experience. Most importantly, having my idol and mentor, Babatunde Saheed, beside me on the Saturday special has been invaluable.

Everyone in my close circle knows how much I have considered leaving the world of sports commentary. However, the passion I continually receive from my work keeps holding me back. The leadership qualities Babatunde Saheed displays are rare, and I learn a great deal from him.

To the young professionals out there: at some point, you will need someone who sees and regards you as a colleague rather than a protégé. It is invaluable to have someone who is not shy to publicly acknowledge your contributions to their success.

Idris Animasaun
Architect and Social Change Advocate

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